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January 10, 2022, 10:21 am

Mu Oxes retorna a sus actividades, Estare subiendo las imagenes de la webshop a lo largo de lo que queda de semana, 


January 24, 2017, 9:54 pm

Actualizacion Interna 15/1/2017

Hoy se hicieron un par de cambios que tomaran efecto a partir de este momento.

El foro ahora esta disponible en estado de beta, De ahora en adelante !TODA PETICION, SUGERENCIA, DENUNCIA O POST! Sera tratada en el foro, de no seguir esta instruccion, los adm estan en toda la libertad de no responder


Se arreglo un bug que impedia al selupan desplazarse

*El ratio de 5 items con un porcentage de 25% de ser items (no zen) se elimino y ahora dropea 4 items con un 100% de probabilidades de ser items socks (0% de ser zen)

*Se eliminaron los items (sets) s4 con menos de 2 sockets. de ahora en adelante el selupan suelta items de 2 hasta 3 sockets con un maximo de hasta 3 minimo 2 opciones exeletes a excepcion de los escudos..

*Se le bajo la vida un 50% y el ataque un 30, pero se le aumento la velocidad de skils haciendo que envenene, se cure, teletransporte invoque y se inmunice una mayor cantidad veces por minuto.

*Se extendio el tiempo de cierre del celupan. ahora la puerta del selupan no cerrara su puerta (en caso de no ser asesinado) hasta dentro de 4 horas


Se optimizo el kundum para que represente un reto relativo a jugadores con menos de 50 resets, La vida del kundum aumento un 600% y su ataque un 10000%, la velocidad se aumento a 1 ataque cada 700 milesimas de segundo y el kundum suelta 3 piezas acc


Se nerfeo al kundum dorado y se le bajo un 10% el ataque. y se arreglo un bug que inpedia al kundum desplazarse


*Se aumento la experiencia del mapa LaKleon permitiendo a un usuario subir hasta 1 nivel por moustro.
*Los moustros de LaKleon ahora son mas optimos ("PVM")
*A Los moustros ahora les afecta el reflejo
*Se Corrigio el drop de los Condor Flames en Icarus
*Los potes de vida grandes ahora curan un 60% la vida
*Los potes de mana grandes ahora curan un 60% el mana
*Las manzanas ahora curan un 75% la vida
*Los potes de mana y vida se limitaron a 55 pociones por item
*Las manzanas se retiraron del bar de lorencia
*Las manzanas se limitaron a 55 manzanas por item
*BloodCastle 8 ahora dropea 4 chaos

Recomendaciones, Las nuevas carapteristicas del server hacen un lugar mas abierto en cuanto al pvm, recomiendo usar potes de vida grandes (no complex) para pelear con los boses y jugarles en compañia.


January 15, 2017, 8:21 am




  • - Blood Castle          = 400%exp + 4 chaos a cada integrante del party
  • - Devil Square         = 400%exp  + drop de llaves silver y gold
  • - CASTLE SIEGE       = Castillo + 7 dias vip1 al master
  • - Raklion Hatchery    = Items S4 Semi
  • - Chaos Castle          = Items acc
  • - Kalima Event          = Items acc
  • - Sky Event              = En construccion
  • - Medusa                 = Armas semi
  • - Cry Wolf                = Sets S8 Semi
  • - Golden Invasions   = Items varios como joyas, exe o consumibles

January 13, 2017, 4:16 am


Looking for a good mu server where you can go back and live your childhood again?. Remember those good times you used to play with your friends after school playing mu and growing lvls? Now oxes offers you that.

MuOxes is an international multi server which mision is revive those good moments players used to plays ,S8 server (S2 S4 AND S6 SOON!) With 3 subservers with different exp (400,5000) for all kind of players.

MuOxes was made by the same admins who used to be players and as you we want to revive thos good moments with you, Feel free and check our FB Page, visit us and help us to revive those moments with us

We give you the oportunity to get coins without pay with

-Voting (Over than 10 links!)
-Game Hours (No AFK Kicker)
-Reciving credits from other players
-Inviting friends (For Both)
-Killing Monsters (SOON)

- Version : Season 8 Episodio 3
- Exp Free: 400, 5000
- Drop Free: 60%
- Puntos por LvL: 5/7
- Puntos por Master LvL: 1
- Max LvL: 400
- Max Master LvL: 750
- Max Puntos: 65.569
- Premium AntiHack
- Launcher Auto Update
- One account for all our servers
- Bosses attacks and stand as bosses
- New pvp system for al characters (Read Below)
- Worlds and Banners changes depending of holidays
- More than 5 characters per account
- 3 kinds of Vip
- ADMs Always Online
- Weekly CastleSiegue Rewards
- Semi-Full itmes on weekly IG Events 

- Bless: 100%
- Soul: 70% 
- Life: 70% 
- Harmony: 70% 
- Seeds maker 80%
Refines 20-70%
Chaos Machine 20-100%
- Vip 3 give you rate of100% in everything

- Blood Castle 100%
- Raklion Hatchery 100%
- Chaos Castle 100%
- Kalima Event 100%
- Sky Event 100%
- Medusa 100%
- Cry Wolf100%
- Golden Invasions
- And lots of invasion events depending of the holiday!!!

- /reset
- /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd
- /offtrade (Arma tu tienda offline)
- /Attack /Offattack

---New PVP System---

Blade Master: The BK Is one of the most equalstats in mu, but in oxes we wanted to make him as a slow server, "COMBOS" . Theres two ways doing combo with the bm, and the blood storm have extra damage, Inner enhance your HP 50% and 25% others (Main roll "Fighter")
"BM Video Guide": "Translating video"

Soul Master: The sm is one of the kind of characters where in all of the mu only attack with ice storm, In oxes you can burst all your skills to improve the damage per secound like, poison your enemy and use flame whitch hits 5 times your target while youre using ice storm. Soul barrier make you mana absorve 12% of the damage and Magic Enhance improves your magic 10% (Main roll "Tank")

High Elf:
 This archer is one of the weekest character in mu, thats why she depends of her buff whitch enhance her attack and defence 10% and 5% to her friends, also, Elfa can shoot a poison arrow whitch will affects your target for 8 secounds once it hits doing 23% of damage of targets life per secound. Also she can invoke pets whitch will defend her agaits any hitter attacking directly to hes life doing around 40k-60k of damage per secound, Tri-shot and Multy-shot might vary depending of distance (Main roll "Assassing")

Magic Gladiator: Mg is the character who make more damage per secound and is considerated the assassing in mu. but is also too week againts others.. Thats why he must kill quick and no give chance to react to his enemie, Many server makes mg usefull on damage but he was made to be hybrid, Oxes worked for that. Mg can be taked as magic attacker here and use hes sttafs to improve hes magic. also he can do the bloodstorm and electric jail from bk and sm and those attack do extra damage. (Main roll "Assassin")

Dark Lord: 
The dark lord is a character who must do a combo launching spark and horse atack while is attacking with firescream or burst to sussesfuly make all damage posible, But in oxes Dl can also fight with his raven taking out his shield. But this stronly hits his defence so you must take your enemie quick. so dl have two ways of batling now, whitch one you preffer? (Main roll "Tank-Fighter")

Summoner: Sumoner is a character who her attack and defence depends of her buf and debuf...
her debuff decreases enemy stats 5% and her reflec makes 30% extra to the enemies attacks. But summoner can also play as assassing with berssecker witch increases 50% of her damage and decreases 50% of her defence. If you include her summs who can burn or poison the target you can do extra damage if you preffer defensive mode so basicly summoner have two ways to fight. (Main roll "Fighter-Assassing")

Rage Fighter: We usualy know Rf is the stronger character in mu who can delete any character but he cant stand a shoot.. We proved the rf in our server and we decide make the rf usefull in battle... Hes now like a bk, he can stand now attacks and he fight face to face. but hes damage also dows. Know rf is exactly like a boxer guy who use his hands and legs to hit an enemie making it looks likes hes fighting and hitting with combos hes targets like jackie chan.. But to kill an enemi you must burst hes skills changing and alterning between all hes cooldown skills
(Main roll "Fighter")

Foro : 
MuOxes Community (On Process)


January 8, 2017, 3:18 am